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012 – Afternoon tea

Today is eDay, a recycling event which enables us to get rid of all our electronic waste in an environmentally sustainable way. We decided to take advantage of this opportunity this year, so this afternoon we headed down to the Westpac Stadium to hand over those old computers, cables and associated paraphernalia that had outlived their usefulness to us. The scary thing is that we know there is sill a lot more of it lurking around in our garage but we weren’t organised enough to have it all ready to go today. Oh well, there is always next year I suppose!

As we were driving back home we were planning what we would cook for our evening meal. Lynsey and I both love to cook. In fact we make quite a formidable team in the kitchen. My thoughts were however diverted by a more pressing need, the need for a cup of coffee. I definitely needed my mid-afternoon caffeine fix sooner rather than later.

While thinking about coffee another idea popped into my head.

“How about you make some scones when we get home? You haven’t made them in a while.”  Lynsey makes great scones. He uses his mother’s recipe and she has taught him all her tricks for ensuring a perfect batch every time. Each of us has our signature strengths when it comes to cooking and scones are definitely one of Lynsey’s, along with many other things.

“Sure,” he replied. “Only I don’t think we have any self raising flour left.”

“Not a problem,” was my quick response. “Let’s go to the supermarket now and I’ll run in and get some. It won’t go to waste if we already have some at home.”

By this stage I was determined nothing was going to stand in the way of me having my afternoon coffee with one of Lynsey’s scones. Guess what I was doing some 30 minutes later?

Did I mention that Lynsey also has a passion for making fruit jellies?  Today we were treated to his divine quince jelly with our scones.

Afternoon tea at our place was perfect. As Nina Simone sings so beautifully, my baby just cares for me. I am so incredibly blessed.

05. Every day is now. The present moment.
11. Every day do something for someone else.
15. Every day make a difference to yourself and others.

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