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035 – Waiter, waiter…

Being a waiter is a lot like theatre – it’s not surprising given that starving waiters all over the world have to support themselves by acting. You have an audience, critics, and the whole zany fun-filled bunch backstage. What am I saying? On a great night it’s like that. On a bad night – you’re the meat in the sandwich – loony chefs on one side, obnoxious customers on the other. Urgh!

One of the best experiences I had was serving a nice young punky/gothic-y couple who’re now married middle class accountants but were then wondering where the next meal was coming from. They looked at the menu, looked at each other, and I saw the guy suck in a breath…

“Give me the menus.”

I gave them back a smile.

“How much have you got?”

Turned out they had about $12 between them – and that wasn’t going to go far in this place. “Ok, tonight’s special is an entrée of mushroom soup followed by omelette with salad and garlic bread. How does that sound to you?” I knew I could get one of the chefs to sort it for me even though there was no special, and indeed, omelettes were not even on the menu. It was a quiet night, and I figured we might as well serve the couple as see the money walk out the door. The chef did me proud and served up a great meal. The couple loved it – an enjoyable meal, and hopefully a memorable experience. I like to think that they’ll do something good for someone else one day. No-one leaves my restaurant hungry.

10. Every day connect with somebody.
11. Every day do something for someone else.
42. Every day celebrate. Who you are. What you have achieved. Things that matter to you.

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