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051 – Books, books and more books

Libraries: The medicine chest of the soul.
— Library at Thebes, inscription over the door

I have a dream that one day I’ll write a book. Until this happens I surround myself with books written by others. They are without doubt soul medicine. These books are my friends and I have great difficulty parting with any of them. When we moved house I decided I needed to be ruthless and cull our burgeoning book stock. Funnily as time passes many of these cast aside books have slowly crept back onto our numerous book shelves.

Books inspire me. I love holding them. I love turning the pages. I love the words, the well formed sentences, the thoughts, the imagery, the typography. I love looking at the way books are designed and made – I have even started learning bookbinding.  I totally love the whole sensory experience of being at one with such incredible works of art.

As if we don’t own enough books of our own we also regularly borrow books from the public library. In Wellington we have the most phenomenal library service and my favourite library is the Central Library in the centre of town. I can never walk out of there without an armful of books. My biggest problem is that I forget when the books are due to be returned. Quite frankly the overdue library fees I (should I say we?) have paid over the years has been significant.

This morning Lynsey decided it was time to do a library book round-up.

“Have you got any books that need to go back to the library?” he asked me as I was busy getting ready for work.

As he piled all the books we could find into a green cloth bag I started to laugh. A lot of the books were big photography books and as a result the bag was so heavy I could barely lift it – paper is dead trees after all.

“I hope we have them all,” I said as we raced out the door.

30. Every day use all your senses. Touch. Smell. Taste. Hear. See.
34. Every day focus on your dreams.
41. Every day use your mind. It is the greatest technology ever created.

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