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052 – Make an impression

Today I’m out making photos and I come across this guy, Nathan, crowbarring posters off a lamp post. I missed the first best shot – Nathan standing on top of the van (it’s all dented in) and he’s stretching and kicking the posters off.

There’s several centimeters of posters laminated together with paste – a kind of sedimentation of accumulated culture. It takes a dab hand with the crowbar, but Nathan soon managed to get the posters off and stashed in the van. I wish I’d had more time to find out about the where’s and why’s and how’s. One thing that Nathan did reveal was this was nothing exceptional – last week he peeled off some posters that went back to the 90s. I’d never really thought about it – of course, why not? A few years back I did see posters peeling themselves off as a result of rain. I though about rescuing them and selectively tearing or sanding through the layers and that with some resin might make for an interesting coffee table or some such. I parked the idea at the time, but I am beginning to see potential again.

Meanwhile Nathan’s tearing about the city peeling off the years. Interesting. It’s a kind of un-graffiti. Thanks, Nathan.

10. Every day connect with somebody.
14. Every day the ordinary can be the extraordinary.
16. Every day looking at the order of things gives you power.


  1. Zofia
    Posted October 23, 2009 at 1:13 am | #

    The lamp posts will probably feel exposed now! It is a good thing you are heading into summer over there or those poor lampposts might suffer from a chill without all that extra padding! There will also be a shock to everyone’s sense of space as the posts they normally walk past will seem further away as they have shrunk in size! 🙂

  2. Posted October 23, 2009 at 7:03 am | #

    Hah! I was amazed at how many layers thick the papier-mâché was – well, duh – I know, but it had never occurred to me that reason the posters stuck out from the pole was because there were so many posters underneath. I didn’t try to lift one of the half-rounds, but I suspect they were fairly weighty – it’s a lot of paper and glue.

    I envied Nathan though, especially with xmas coming up. With a bit of paint, some macaroni, and lashings of glitter you could make horrors like those works of art that come home from kindergarten and doting parents love – and you could make them for presents for everyone. Yay!

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