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067 – The driver’s story

After an early start, and some ‘swap the plane around’ antics I arrived in Auckland only about two hours later than intended. In many respects this worked out well – I got some writing done on the plane, and I got a chance to chat with the cab driver. I always like to talk with the drivers – they’re probably the ‘canaries in the coal mine’ for the economy, and they almost always have an interesting story. Few people are born to drive – they come into the taxi business from somewhere else, and I’m always interested in what they’ve learned along the way.

My driver today lives close with his family – the kids are working but still live at home – “Together you can really make something, you know?” He’s been here for around 20 years now, and really thinks of himself as a kiwi, even though he still owns land back home in the Punjab. It’s a lovely area – fertile soils and plenty of water, and this is a blessing. My driver’s past life was as a farmer, and he produced enough to run a couple of trucks of goods out to markets in the city where higher prices and profits were achieved. This combination of farming skills and hard work has made the fiercely independent Sikh community successful not only in India, but around the world. My driver was very clear, “Food and family and safe places to live – these are the main things in life.”

Out of the cab. ‘Glitz’ and ‘glamour’ and tawdry Queen Street. I should’ve gone around the block one more time…

04. Every day is an opportunity to cultivate the promise of the future.
24. Every day is a journey. Not a destination.
29. Every day eat, drink, rest, work, exercise, play, love, create for your own good. And the good of others.

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