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100 – Letters from the edge

For the past 100 or so days we’ve been sending notes with an image out into the space beyond our computers. The process has provided us with hours of entertainment, hours of angst, lots of interesting new experiences, and, best of all, lots of new friends. It’s fun. And painful sometimes too. We’ve laughed and cried and yelled and screamed and sometimes all of these things at once. For those of you who’re wondering, yes, it’s been pretty much business as usual.

We’ve learned some things along the way too – our writing is getting better – I don’t know about here but I have received flattering comments from colleagues and clients about my day-to-day writing – I think that honing up my skills here has helped that. I’m not 100% sure that my photography skills are any better, but I am taking more care from a compositional perspective and I’m definitely shooting for the publication.

The stats are interesting too – graphs: what goes down must go up. The search engines take at least a month to kick in. People come here looking for unusual things – I hope we don’t disappoint. The search string that has most made me laugh is: “my cat smells like grapes”. Awesome! And now I’ve written that we’ll become the search engine centre for fruit cakes, fruit bats, and cats that smell like grapes. Your father smells of elderberries. And if he’s visiting us there’s a good chance he’s browsing using firefox 3 on xp or safari on osx.

Meeting up with fans has had an amazing feeling about it – last weekend it felt a bit like a fan-fest as we met people – some we knew were fans, others were as surprised as we were – “Are you the Fresh New Day people?” Yes, yes we are. Feedback from the fans has been just great, and we’ve had lots of fun with the “So what’s your story?” – there are some amazing back stories that people have told us about their stories that we can’t tell you, but I’d like to thank one and all, again for posting, and yes, I know it takes courage to put your story out there, and yes, you did good. And for all those people who’ve been astounded to think that someone would take photos of them and their lives here in Wellington and elsewhere – hello again, and I hope that our excellent business cards continue to point you here. Yes, we know the designer, and yes, if you want to make contact please drop us a note and we’ll put you in touch.

Finally, or as near to finally as I want to get in this note, the comment that has most moved me, most startled me, most set me back to thinking exactly what are we doing here, was from a friend we’d stumbled across and, as we renewed our acquaintance, asked us what we were up to. A card changed hands, and we didn’t really think a lot more about it. Our friend checked out Fresh New Day and then contacted Marica, with words to the effect of, “This site – the whole thing – is a love story.”

01. Every day is a fresh new day.
24. Every day is a journey. Not a destination.
50. Every day has an ending.

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