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109 – Coming home

American families have always shown remarkable resiliency, or flexible adjustment to natural, economic, and social challenges. Their strengths resemble the elasticity of a spider web, a gull’s skillful flow with the wind, the regenerating power of perennial grasses, the cooperation of an ant colony, and the persistence of a stream carving canyon rocks. These are not the strengths of fixed monuments but living organisms. This resilience is not measured by wealth, muscle or efficiency but by creativity, unity, and hope. Cultivating these family strengths is critical to a thriving human community. — Ben Silliman (Family Life Specialist with the University of Wyoming’s Cooperative Extension Service)

Heads up, Ben, these are traits not limited to the American family; indeed, creativity, unity, and hope are widespread in other cultures of the world. Friday night, and everyone’s heading home. It’s just the end of the work week for some who’ve been working way too long, for others they’ve been at the end-of-year office drinks, for others – like us – on the way to the airport to meet or farewell people. Phil Price’s Zephyrometer tilts away from the northerly – the Roaring 40s have been in fine form this year – prepare for a bumpy ride, ye aeronauts.

There’s something about this time of day that turns hearts toward home – hopefully some company, a little dinner, something to wash it down with, and then to curl up and look forward to the weekend. Friday nights are about coming home.

[The number plate has been edited for privacy protection.]

18. Every day express love. Some people need to hear it. Most people need to see it. Don’t take it for granted.
24. Every day is a journey. Not a destination.
42. Every day celebrate. Who you are. What you have achieved. Things that matter to you.

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