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127 – Broken or not?

Whenever I look at my parents I am in awe at how hard they work – and have always worked – despite being at a point in their lives when they could be slowing down. They both have an incredible work ethic and slowing down comes very hard to them. This is definitely something that they have passed on to all three of their daughters.

My tata (father in Croatian) is in his early 80s and he still does all the maintenance repair work on their two storey home. He manages all the grounds, cultivates a very productive garden and helps mama inside with chores that are more difficult for her to do because of problems with her leg.

My mama (mother in Croatian) is the ultimate house goddess. She is also a phenomenal cook and very handy with her hands – particularly on the knitting front.

My parents never stop so when something happens that makes them stop it is always a bit of a shock to all of us.

Today my father fell in the shower while he was trying to clean it. He didn’t look too good when we went over to see them after work so a trip to the after hours emergency doctors was called for. After seeing a nurse, a doctor and having some x-rays it was decided that my tata might have a scaphoid fracture. This meant he had to have his wrist and arm put in plaster until the swelling reduced and they could work out for sure whether or not he had broken anything.

Some days things happen out of the ordinary but as we deal with them something else occurs – we are reminded of the things that are really important to us. It seems silly to have to be reminded of these things but we all seem to need them. So instead of moaning about having to go back to work today after the Christmas and New Year break I was thankful that my day ended well with the things that were in control all sorted.

28. Every day you will be tested.
42. Every day celebrate. Who you are. What you have achieved. Things that matter to you.
50. Every day has an ending.

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