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129 – Becoming wise

A wise old owl sat on an oak; The more he saw the less he spoke; The less he spoke the more he heard; Why aren’t we like that wise old bird? — Unknown

How does one become wise?

Sometimes we have to stop and take time to be still so that we can become connected with our self and our world. This doesn’t come easy to me. It somehow feels like I’m being lazy or unproductive and I struggle to let go of all the things that need to be done or that I want to be doing.

This owl pendant attracted my attention today and reminded me of a number of things. I fell in love with her instantly. This particular pendant, not any other one being sold in the shop. As an aside the young shop assistant tried to convince me that the gold and black version of this owl pendant was more appropriate for someone my age!

In a shop full of all sorts of glitz and baubles it was this particular owl that spoke to me. This owl said I needed to press pause, even for a moment, and experience what is happening all around me – to let it infuse my being so I can connect to that inner wiser me who knows so much.

Sometimes the realities of the every day are so incredibly overwhelming I forget about the incredible resources that lie within because I need to be still to become connected to them and being still takes effort. The great thing is that our inner wise self lies in wait patiently until we’re ready to listen to it. It doesn’t fly away.

At the moment a lot is happening for me. There is a churning feeling within that both excites me as well as unsettles me. Change is happening on many fronts as are the challenges I am having to face. The owl within is indicating to me that this is going to be a big year so taking time for me to be still and listen and learn will be ever more important.

23. Every day retain your personal power. It belongs to you. No one else.
36. Every day be still. Connect to your inner being. Listen and be guided by it.
37. Every day fight for what’s worth fighting for. Pick your battles.

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