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143 – Holes in your stockings

My sister, Diana, and her husband, Miro, wanted me to come up to Auckland to be with them when they got the pathology results following her surgery. So much depended on these results – the type of cancer, the stage, had it spread anywhere else in her body and a host of other factors would determine what happens next as Diana tries to rid her body of the endometrial cancer she has been diagnosed with.

When I arrived at the hospital this morning we discovered that the results were not going to be available until the following week – after I had returned home! Imagine our disappointment and worst of all Diana’s waiting had to continue.

I am very close to both my sisters so being able to be there for Diana was very important to me. Only 48 hours earlier Diana had undergone major surgery. She looked so fragile as I walked into her hospital room. As always she put on a brave face and gave me the most massive smile. She is doing amazingly well physically but she is really anxious about the pathology results and this unknown is creating havoc with her mind.

As I sat with my beautiful sister I marvelled at the wonders of modern medicine and the ability of our bodies (aided by our wonderful minds and souls) to move beyond the invasive procedures performed on them and begin functioning again even when vital organs have been removed. I love how our bodies compensate for loss by utilising other organs and body parts to perform similar tasks. Slowly but surely with time things begin to function again and some semblance of normality is created. It can never be exactly as it was before – then again in many circumstances this is for the better.

As my sister showed me her wound that was held together by staples, as we went through everything that had happened and everything that had been said to her by the surgeon I couldn’t take my eyes off the white stockings she was wearing.

“I know you have to wear these to prevent blood clots, but why are there holes at the soles of your feet?” I asked.

“I have no idea,” she replied.

We started to think of possible reasons … I thought maybe to get quick access to her toes or maybe it was a manufacturing requirement or maybe† … who knows?

Later in the day we discovered it was to prevent anyone wearing the stockings from slipping when they were up and walking.

There you go – you can always learn something new even if it just a piece of trivia like this.

28. Every day you will be tested.
39. Every day trust that there is a bigger picture. You are a part of it even if you may not know what it is.
40. Every day give things a chance to work out.

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