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144 – Broken angels

We’re all broken angels. Everyday we try to do a little better, or maybe just hang in there, and everyday a little more chips away. That’s ok though – we have family (if we’re lucky) and friends (if we’re lucky) – and together we make it through to the next day. And the next.

Pity this broken angel – she stands in the Bolton Cemetery and looks longingly towards the south and the sea. She’s alone – there are no other angels poised waiting – but whenever I see her I think she’s entirely good for it. It’s quiet, you see, gives her the chance to reflect on the changing tides and hives of humanity in the city below.

Maybe that’s the secret for us then – to take the time to reflect on the day in the calm and quiet. We might become a little less broken along the way.

03. Every day is an opportunity to reflect on the past.
10. Every day connect with somebody.
13. Every day be better than you were the day before.

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