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280 – Fuelling up

Loving our car. It needs a bit of love – will try to sort that this week – but overall, our car does all the good car things it should do. Frequently we arrive home and say, “Thank you Car, we love you Car”. We figure everyone needs a bit of love and support along the way – and as our car is part of the family, we need to support our car as well.

Notice we don’t have a name for our car. We call it ‘Car’. Seemed appropriate. Essential. Classic somehow.

Today fueling up I took the opportunity to grab a quick shot – the weird lights in the service station made to colours lurch off – but Car still managed to make the best of the occasion. Thank you Car, we love you Car.

15. Every day make a difference to yourself and others.
18. Every day express love. Some people need to hear it. Most people need to see it. Donít take it for granted.
44. Every day remember how far you have come.

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