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284 – Friday fades

Friday. Friday! TGIF. Casual Friday. Mine: Full colour Friday – an opportunity to wear brighter colours. But not today. Friday fades. I head back to work today – a one day working week should be good for everyone. My desk, phone, email inbox, physical inbox … my work runneth over. It’s not that I’m famous or essential, it’s just that work undone accumulates, in particular, on my desk. I want tell people to solve their own problems, to go away and act like an adult for a moment. I don’t though. I swing my blade and I start to chop a path through the jungle. I’m still not feeling 100% – I feel that after a week off work I’m ready for a week off work. I feel like a moth without a flame. My photos are just not working for me, so I use this shot Marica made of me blurring out around the edges.

We’re driving home after work. Our car struggles with the hills and glides, fading elegantly into our driveway. We’re all unwell. We’re all unhappy.

47. Every day you are responsible.
48. Every day there are things you canít change. You can change the way you think about them and deal with them.
50. Every day has an ending.

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