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341 – Winning wars

Mum some how seems better this morning. This doesn’t make much sense, because she’s had a stroke. She somehow is hanging in – winning her war. I don’t understand why the hospital is refusing to give her any tests. Nothing makes sense. Mum is at least getting some fluid (but not the cup of tea). We leave because we can’t think of anything more to add to the situation. I feel ok – my sister from Sydney is a warrior so I’m comfortable that Mum will be protected by someone who will ask questions and wait for answers.

We drive back home – three hours spent mostly in my head – thinking of 101 questions I never asked Mum and now these questions seem like the most important questions in the world. What’s your favourite song? How did you meet Dad? Stupid questions kids ask their parents.

I stand in the shower weeping until the water runs cold.

We all got through another day.

26. Every day take action. Every small step counts.
37. Every day fight for what’s worth fighting for. Pick your battles.
40. Every day give things a chance to work out.

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