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The power of a hug

When I was given the task of drawing my mother and I doing something together, my automatic response was to draw us cleaning or doing some form of housework. Starring at the blank page in front of me I didn’t know where to start or how to do this drawing.

Ironically I am training to become an arts therapist and still that inner critic tells me constantly that I can’t draw! Sadly, this is exactly what other adults say to me all the time as well. Why do we automatically put up barriers to creative expression? We don’t tend to have this problem when we are a child. Something happens as we move into adulthood. Our beliefs become more limiting and we tend to view ourselves and our abilities through a restrictive internal lens.

So back to my blank piece of paper. My fear of not being able to draw happened to kick start new thoughts. Without doubt my mother is a meticulous housekeeper. I have my own baggage around this because I always judge myself as never getting even close to her high standards (that’s a whole other story!).

The more I thought about my mother and I together all I could think about was the fact that she is always there for me and my family. She has an amazing capacity to love and to express that love. No matter how challenging the situation I can rely on my mother to care and support me. Her touch and her arms holding me are a solace beyond compare. I have so many memories of those moments.

Hugging speaks volumes. No words need to be spoken – the connecting bodies say it all. As Jennifer White writes, “hugging is so underrated”.

11. Every day do something for someone else.
18. Every day express love. Some people need to hear it. Most people need to see it. Don’t take it for granted.
38. Every day be brave and give things a go. Use fear to trigger you into action.

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