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What do horses dream of?

A few days ago we watched the legendary Mary Poppins – the Walt Disney movie. I love the scene where Mary, Bert, and the kids – Jane and Michael – ride on the glorious merry-go-round and the horses become animated and run away.

I have seen another film where the horses become alive and frolic away to have a life of their own. I’m beginning to think it’s a universal dream – that the beautiful, hand-crafted horses can run free.

Maybe it is an artifact of our childhood. We’ve loved being on our horse, and we’re longing for our horse to take us away. Safely, of course, with just the right level of adventure. And then safely back home to our mother, just in time for dinner.

After seeing the movie I thought how cool it would be to live in a space large enough to have our very own merry-go-round in the games room. It’d be magical – bright colours, lights, glitter, and gold. I wondered about me making a horse – someone must’ve made them, so it must be possible. Perhaps not easily, that’s for sure, but possible. We also don’t have a games room. We definitely don’t have room for a merry-go-round. And, if I’m honest, I’d look pretty stupid riding on my own merry-go-round.

But it would be cool.
03. Every day is an opportunity to reflect on the past.
30. Every day use all your senses. Touch. Smell. Taste. Hear. See.
42. Every day celebrate. Who you are. What you have achieved. Things that matter to you.

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  1. Gillian
    Posted February 8, 2014 at 1:30 pm | #

    You should talk to Steve…I’m sure he would have one tucked in his basement next to the Adams family pinball machine. You could make a wooden rocking horse that would be the same if you put up xmas lights, played music and watched a National Geographic doco!
    No, look anytime…

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