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Valentine’s day

What a delight! What a thrill!

I think for the first time ever, I was given flowers for Valentine’s Day.

They are EXACTLY the ones I love – spikey blue eryngium, white bubbly chrysanthemums, and the green spider chrysanthemum. Divine!

Clearly my secret admirer knew just the flowers to pick, probably to the surprise of the florist I imagine.

Giving flowers to men is a bit of an awkwardness in New Zealand. I guess it’s part of our rugged manly-men pioneer rugby racing and beer heritage. Personally, I think that’s bullshit, I love flowers. I don’t believe I’m alone. When I took the flowers back to my office there was no shortage of envious glance from my colleagues – and not just from the girls.

18. Every day express love. Some people need to hear it. Most people need to see it. Don’t take it for granted.
20. Every day say thank you.
32. Every day have a laugh.

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