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002 – The green man

Health and safety is a hot issue at my work these days. As a result I have found myself thinking twice before doing certain things such as racing across a street whenever I feel like it instead of making the effort to go to the nearest pederstrian crossing and wait for the green man to light up and tell me it is safe to cross.

My colleagues and I were discussing this very thing the other day. The comment was made that it takes so much longer to get anywhere if you have to wait for the green man all the time.

Why are we so impatient that we can’t wait for a signal that tells us we can cross safely? Why do we put ourselves constantly at the risk of being hurt, or even killed, without so much as a second thought? Is anything more important than our own safety and wellbeing?

I made a decision today to use waiting for the green man as a micropause, a kind of timeout if you like. Waiting for the green man is my opportunity to stop racing, and just be. Perhaps you might like to try this too.

06. Every day you make choices.
13. Every day be better than you were the day before.
47. Every day you are responsible.

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