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011 – Polaroid fun

The spring cleaning bug has started doing the rounds. This afternoon it hit our office with a vengeance. Our entire team was involved in the process of purging years of paperwork and other stuff that has accumulated and taken residence in the many filing cabinets, cupboards and boxes that are dotted all around our workspace.

As we sorted through everything the recycling and rubbish bins were very quickly at the point of overflowing. It really felt good to be doing this. I had a real sense we were shedding the past and moving forward. We were claiming this space as ours.

What made this afternoon so much fun was all the odd things we unearthed. In some ways it was like an office archaeological dig.

One of the items that was found was a rather modern looking Polaroid camera (600 series) together with three unused film cartridges. Upon closer inspection we discovered the film had expired in September 2002! One of my colleagues immediately set about loading the film into the camera and then started taking photos of all of us working.

As the photos were automatically ejected from the camera we couldn’t wait to see if a picture would actually be produced. You could hear the sheer delight as one by one people’s images started to emerge on the shiny chemical encrusted pieces of paper. The photos had that washed out look as if they were taken years ago and had faded. We didn’t care. Instead, as we stood around viewing the photos that were before us we were all smiling. We had discovered a treasure item.

There is something very satisfying about Polaroid cameras. The fact that they can produce an instant photo is yet to be beaten. Even with digital photography you can only see the image on the camera screen – you don’t have something tangible in front of you within minutes that you can pass around and share with others. I love watching the picture emerge on a Polaroid photo. As the chemicals react with one another I get excited watching the colours start emerging. Even better is when you can make out the subject of the photo and then recognise it clearly. It almost feels like magic.

I decided this afternoon that I wanted a Polaroid of my own to play with. This was so much fun. Imagine my sadness to discover that Polaroid filed for bankrupcy in December 2008 and the film, and these original cameras, are no longer being produced.

09. Every day learn something new.
16. Every day looking at the order of things gives you power.
22. Every day refine, clarify and simplify.

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