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022 – Waterfront giraffes

Breakfast enjoyed
in the fine company of
morning glories

– Matsuo Basho

I was up and out the door earlier than usual this morning – I had to attend a breakfast meeting which began at 7.15am. As we were driving into work it seemed odd how few cars were on the road and how few people were around. As a result our travelling time was greatly reduced and we were both at our workplaces by 7am.

“Maybe we should try and do this every day,” suggested my husband.

“Great idea,” I responded while at the same time having doubts that we would actually manage to do this on a sustained basis.

Having to get to work earlier this morning reminded me how special the beginning of each day is. The air feels different. The light is different. The peacefulness of it all makes this a mystical and magical time of day. All too often Lynsey and I tend to sleep through this time because we go to bed so late the night before. Is this really a valid excuse for missing a wonderful part of every day?

Richard Carlson, in his book “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff … and it’s all small stuff”, suggests the need to sleep to get over constant tiredness is a fallacy. By spending what little free time we do have sleeping we create a deep longing in our hearts. Instead Carlson proposes that we can all do with a little less sleep as long as we substitute that time with quiet “me” time. He writes:

An hour or two that is reserved just for you – before your day begins – is an incredible way to improve your life. I usually get up between 3 and 4 in the morning … The phone never rings, no one is asking me to do anything for them, and there is nothing I absolutely have to do. It’s by far the most quiet time of the day. (p.198)

The best thing about this morning was walking back to work along the waterfront after my meeting. It was a ‘me’ time walk and I made the most of it. I loved that I was alone. I walked slowly and purposely and I took everything in. I felt as though the drama that is this wonderful new day was unfolding before my eyes. I became aware of so much – the dramatic scenery, the boats, the colours, the stillness, the sea, the rocks, the wharf, the birds, the black clouds with their menacing message, and these wonderfully tall and erect metal giraffes sitting there waiting for action.

As I looked at all that was familiar I saw with eyes that sought out all that was unfamiliar. I realised during that walk that I lived in an incredible city. Why is it we never see what we have when it is there before us? We all too often take it for granted and it is not until something changes that we make the connection that what we have is not all bad, in fact it is probably fantastic.

This morning as I walked along the waterfront I found myself standing taller, like the cranes that looked like our waterfront giraffes. All was good with me and my life in that moment and I was so very, very grateful to be alive.

36. Every day be still. Connect to your inner being. Listen and be guided by it.
45. Every day you are a different person.
46. Every day you can change your thoughts.

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