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023 – Fresh new day

Standing out in our back garden this morning, just before 6:00. A fresh new day, bursting with promise. Mornings are the best time of the day I’ve been told – and so they should be – they get 12 hours, all other times (afternoons, evenings) get a scant six hours each. Seems so unfair.

Before the morning was out I was going to tip prune the olive trees, water the house plants, make and eat breakfast, have a shower and get ready for work, load the dish washer and fire it up, tip prune a number of other trees and shrubs, mop up the water from over-watering the house plants, wipe down the marble table top, wipe the dust from the window frames, take the neighbour’s recycling and newspaper into their house, talk to the other neighbour, say hello and thank you to recycling guys, bring our recycling bin in, top up the fluids in the car, spray lube on the graunching car door, take some photos, ring the roadside rescue and wait and wait and wait and then watch Francis the wonder technician start the car in half a second.

Actually, all that happened before leaving for work. There was still another three hours of morning left. No wonder I’m stuffed at the end of the day.

21. Every day seek the support of others. You are not alone.
22. Every day refine, clarify and simplify.
48. Every day there are things you can’t change. You can change the way you think about them and deal with them.

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