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050 – Made with love

Quilts are infused with the presence of their maker (or makers). Every piece of fabric is carefully selected (and often has a story of its own), cut and sewn into place. As individual pieces they look like nothing much but once they are pieced together a story unfolds before our eyes. These beautiful creations are invariably made with love. You feel it when you wrap yourself in a quilt or when you sleep beneath one.

The quilt on our bed has a story all of its own. It originated in South Africa and was pieced together by our friend’s mother (Carmel) back in 2001. Almost two years ago when we visited our friend in his hometown of Austin, Texas our bed had this quilt on it. Lynsey and I fell in love with it immediately and when we found out who had made it we loved it even more. We have never met Carmel but we felt connected to her through this incredible work created by her hands. There was something about the subtlety of the colours of the fabrics that made us feel calm and peaceful in its presence. I could imagine her planning this quilt and then piecing it together. She made it for her son and his wife and it would have been a labour of love.

Last year when we returned to visit our friend he gifted us this quilt. It was sitting there in our bedroom ready to go in our suitcase back to New Zealand with us. The time had come for Carmel’s quilt to move to a new home and move on it did.

Tonight as I am tucked up in bed this quilt is keeping me warm. Every quilt is unique just as every person is unique. As I look at it I see the special people that are a part of it. I feel we are together even when we’re not. Love is definitely all around even within inanimate objects because they have been touched in some way by someone who feels.

14. Every day the ordinary can be the extraordinary.
29. Every day eat, drink, rest, work, exercise, play, love, create for your own good. And the good of others.
36. Every day be still. Connect to your inner being. Listen and be guided by it.