© 2009 Lynsey

070 – Loyal

Keep it that way girl…

Out in the battle, flung far and used.
Where does allegiance lie?
Sometimes when all of your hopes, and all of your dreams,
Are too much to value in one moment.
And all of us anxious, but why hurry love?
History’s here and now.
Oh and why are you waiting – waiting for what?
The history of some love?
– Dave Dobbyn (Loyal)

I’m racing into the supermarket. Begrudging the time – I’ve got writing, photographing, things to do. I see this dog, you know, just sitting there almost motionless. Transcendent. Meditating. Waiting. Patience. No leash, no lead. Sitting there, all alone. Not moving. I’m gone. Grab some food for dinner, always a rush. The dog’s in my head now. I should’ve taken photos while I had the chance. Festering at the fish counter a guy asks me about the smoked fish. “Steam it”, I say, “Then flake it in a white sauce with parsley, salt, pepper, potato topping, fish pie.” I’m gone. Was the dog still there? Salad. Milk. Gone. Walk out the door. Dog’s still there. I walk away. What are you thinking? The dog’s still there. I go back. Make three photos. The dog doesn’t move a muscle. The owner arrives – it’s the smoked fish guy. Spots me making photos and laughs. Dog’s bouncy. Perky. In love with the smoked fish guy. “That’s a great dog, what’s his name?” The guy grins. “Thelma.”

10. Every day connect with somebody.
29. Every day eat, drink, rest, work, exercise, play, love, create for your own good. And the good of others.
36. Every day be still. Connect to your inner being. Listen and be guided by it.