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096 – Sinterklaas and friends

There is real magic in each person you know, and that magic is multiplied by the people your people know (and so on). All that magic is just waiting to be tapped, to enliven your life and help you fulfill your dreams.
— Jennifer Louden

This evening Lynsey and I celebrated the Dutch Feast Day of Sinterklaas with our friend Marcel, and two of his other friends. The traditions surrounding Sinterklaas were an entirely new experience for me – the food, the music, and the anonymous gift giving process (we were told to “make/buy/beg/steal/or borrow a gift with a value less than $5, wrap it in a creative way and accompany it with a little poem that rhymes and hints as to what the gift is about or something about the person receiving it”).

Marcel was friends with everyone in the room but the only thing the rest of us had in common was our friendship with Marcel … well that was what we initially thought.

Something happened in that little room as the evening unfolded – we all became closer and felt a real connection – and it all happened relatively effortlessly. We listened to each other as the stories were shared, questions were asked, responses were given, and bit by bit we discovered new and totally unexpected connections between us. By the end of the evening we felt like we had known each other for a much longer period than the few hours we had been together. New friendships were definitely formed, interspersed with a lot of fun.

The best gift I received this evening was the gift of people – new perspectives, new world views, new lived experiences, new ideas, new possibilities and a new dose of genuine unconditional love – and the beginning of new friendships.

There was also a strong creative energy in the room this evening – the present wrappings, the poems, the individual nature of the presents that were carefully crafted and selected, the cameras coming out, the photos being taken and the smiles. This was probably the first time ever that I have been amongst a group of people who were totally comfortable being photographed. The whole experience left me buzzing with joy.

Surrounding ourselves with people who have the capability of nurturing our spirit and our soul is quite magical.

Thank you Sinterklaas for being the catalyst for the five of us being at the same place at the same time. The gift of forming new connections with others is extraordinarily special.

10. Every day connect with somebody.
32. Every day have a laugh.
33. Every day try something new.

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