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120 – Anyone for a bevanda?

Anyone that knows me would tell you that I don’t drink very much alcohol. My favourite wine has always been red wine but for some reason I started to have asthma attacks when drinking wine so that stopped me from drinking the small amounts I did consume.

I have grown up with red wine always being available with our meals. Even as a child I was allowed to drink a small quantity of wine – a few drops in a glassful of water. This is the traditional Croatian way which my parents continued to practice.

My father would also always drink his red wine with water although the volume of wine he mixed in was far greater than the few drops we kids would have. This wine/water combination is known as a bevanda in Croatian. I thought this was how you were meant to drink red wine because that was all I had experienced. Later in life I discovered this was not the case.

Today at lunch I overheard my father ask my brother-in-law, a winemaker from Auckland (his label is St Jerome), “What’s this wine like with water?” The bottle on the table was a beautiful full of flavour red wine from my brother-in-law’s home vineyard.

“No good, ” said my brother-in-law. “No wine should be mixed with water.”

My father’s facial response indicated surprise at what he heard. My father continued on undeterred – he poured himself some cabernet sauvignon, added some water, took a sip and smiled.

“That’s good,” said my father very happily.

It is the small things in life that can make a difference to our days. And these small things are different for each of us. Who cares whether or not you should put water with your wine. It is what each of us likes that determines what we do. We decide what gives us pleasure, not anyone else.

06. Every day you make choices.
07. Every day making no choice is a choice.
22. Every day refine, clarify and simplify.

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