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121 – Cleansing routines

Tomorrow is the last day of the first decade of the 2000s – or the “noughties” as they have commonly been referred to. This seems unreal to me.

It seems like only yesterday that the whole world was gearing up for the first seconds of the new century. It was anticipated that all sorts of systems would fail because of the Y2K bug so everyone held their breath as the clock ticked on to see if all the premonitions of doom and gloom would eventuate – and they didn’t. It was such a fizzer.

Now we have progressed 10 years.  Where have these years gone? So much has happened for me and those I love when I stop and think about it. The biggest change during this period was meeting Lynsey, falling in love and getting married. We both completed our Masters degrees, two of my children completed university, Damian has survived intact and as healthy as he can be, we bought our first home together, we all have good jobs, we have celebrated some major milestones not only within our immediate family but also within our wider family, we have travelled internationally, we have met some incredible people whom we are now priviledged to call friends, I was awarded the Flexible Learning Leaders in New Zealand scholarship, we have presented at conferences … the list in fact goes on and on. We have achieved heaps and on a day to day perspective we forget this.

There is a part of me that wants to wipe the slate clean and begin again with the start of a new year but then again this suggests I want to forget what has been as though somehow it wasn’t good, and this couldn’t be further from truth.

2009 is about to end. The first decade of the 21st century is about to end. But … endings merely lead on to new beginnings.

What I want to do is clear my mind of the baggage that currently consumes it so that I can make the transition towards a new beginning. I want to start 2010 with the clear intention of moving forward on to things that make my heart sing. I want this next decade to be all about nurturing my soul and going for my dreams. I want twenty ten to be the beginning of a passion filled life – both in work and play.

I am ready for the wonder of the wonderful.

02. Every day is an opportunity for a new beginning.
44. Every day remember how far you have come.
45. Every day you are a different person.

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