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122 – The kids are alright…

New year’s eve. The kids are out playing with sparklers and glo-tubes and at being adults and at being kids and all at once and never once.

It’s tough being a kid. There’s all this stuff to learn and every body expects you to be something or nothing or one thing or another. Grow up. Act your age. Be seen and not heard. Talk to me. Shut up. The list of conflicting demands is endless.

And all too soon it’s over. When you’re a kid you can’t wait to get up and out and into it. When you’re a parent you have these moments when you don’t want your kids to change at all. Well, parts of them you want to change asap, let’s not try to fool each other. If kids were honest they’d want to change those parts too, but you can’t always negotiate that part with the adults concerned.

It’s confusing and muddled. That’s what the old year is always like, and then the day is over and done with. And may be in a few years time you might remember the moments – hopefully through rose coloured lenses. Keep the good moments, minimise the bad of the bad moments. Move on. Happy new year!

01. Every day is a fresh new day.
42. Every day celebrate. Who you are. What you have achieved. Things that matter to you.
50. Every day has an ending.

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