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131 – The new resolution

It’s that time of year to make new resolutions – make a push to make positive changes in our lives. I’m not that good at the New Year’s Eve type resolution – made today and gone into the trash tomorrow. I prefer to wait and some time between December and – hmmm – even as late as about March maybe – some plans will start to form in my head and a resolution or two or or more starts to take some shape.

This year the ideas have been slow in forming – perhaps because people around me have been busy making their plans and I’ve held back to wait and see where I might be able to dovetail my plans with theirs.

I found this sight particularly ‘inspiring’. Some person has felt the ‘Learning and Development Folder’ just wasn’t worth the effort. As there’s still documents within I can only assume the learning and development wasn’t worth the effort either. How dis-empowering. Still, if the programme was rubbish, the trash is the best place for it. I want to assume that the trashed ‘V’, ‘Nippy’s Iced Chocolate Dairy Drink’, and takeout coffee is a sign that a better nutrition resolution has been put in place. I want to assume this. I doubt it.

27. Every day pain is a sign of growing.
29. Every day eat, drink, rest, work, exercise, play, love, create for your own good. And the good of others.
37. Every day fight for what’s worth fighting for. Pick your battles.

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