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136 – Cleanliness is next to Godliness

I’m a desk-based worker these days. You don’t raise much of a sweat working at a desk. No drops of water forming on your forehead as you go through the daily grind. Droplets of blood, yes. Venom, perhaps, spat from your friendly spitting cobras/colleagues*. I’m on my way to work. I see these guys forming droplets of water on the old Town Hall, and probably on their foreheads as well. I’m thinking, “How cool is that?”

Unfortunately I was garbed up for office work, but I would’ve liked to have had a blast at cleaning one of those ornamental works. The old Town Hall always looks starched and well pressed, and I assume it is due to the efforts of these guys. I think it must be pretty satisfying to clean off a few months/years of pigeon poop, dirt, and dust to reveal the beautiful detailing underneath. Up there, next to god.

* please note, my colleagues are not spitting cobras at all. Any similarities are purely coincidental.

03. Every day is an opportunity to reflect on the past.
14. Every day the ordinary can be the extraordinary.
33. Every day try something new.

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