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139 – The pawpaw patch

I couldn’t believe it! Pawpaws – growing in Wellington! Unbelievable! I love pawpaws – the yellow skinned, honey-gold fleshed fruit; the toothy leathery leaves, the elephant-y stems, and the amazing lemony-green flowers. To me they radiate an essential tropical character – shared perhaps only by breadfruit, coconut palms, and plumeria – the gorgeous frangipani. These are the mountain pawpaws, they’re more able to withstand cooler temperatures – and therefore are able to find some growth opportunities in this warm sheltered corner.

We used to grow pawpaws at home when I was a kid. I think I liked the fragrance of the raw fruit more than the flavour, but I liked them stewed for dessert. The leaves were always good to draw – at once challenging and yet achievable.

I’d like to know what the active ingredients are in the leaves – it’s rare to see much in the way of insect damage and this suggests *active* ingredients. It wouldn’t surprise me if there weren’t some pharmaceutical benefits to be obtained from some explorations there.

14. Every day the ordinary can be the extraordinary.
30. Every day use all your senses. Touch. Smell. Taste. Hear. See.
42. Every day celebrate. Who you are. What you have achieved. Things that matter to you.

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