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141 – Victoriana

Tuberous begonia flowers have a kind of Victorian atmosphere about them. I think it’s their delicate layer upon layer of petals – in this case the colour of linen – and that they live in hot houses. The Palm House at Kew. Wardian cases. Tuberous begonias, along with aspidistras, orchids, carnivorous plants, and palms, help form the horticultural features in a steam punk world. Steam punk is an aesthetic movement dedicated to considering what our world look like if we’d retained Victorian design ideals – brass, leather, cogs, goggles, and fine craftsmanship. I love it. I don’t have any aspidistras, orchids, or palms any more, and I don’t grow tuberous begonias, but I do still have a nice young Nepenthes growing to welcome guests.

03. Every day is an opportunity to reflect on the past.
09. Every day learn something new.
42. Every day celebrate. Who you are. What you have achieved. Things that matter to you.

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