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147 – Cleaningzilla

Say what you will, I’m telling you, there’s some pleasure in cleaning. I’ve always found that many things that are ‘broken’ can be repaired if you simply clean them. Or, at the very least, once you’ve cleaned them you can see what is broken and then repairs can be made to the right thing.

Today’s big effort – hardly Spring cleaning – has been an effort to try to find my desk. To purge some of the tonnes of paper that sometimes threaten to take over the house. I’ve got a vision to scan all my files in and then upload them, share them, re-purpose them, and then recycle them. Recycle – the last time I had a major assault on the recycle front I had to sneak out late at night and stow bags of paper in the neighbours’ recycling bin – both our bins were overflowing. I’m a paper hoarder. It’s going to be turned into a creative work at some point. Sometimes it is, mostly it isn’t. And over time it builds up. It always feels great to be free of the weight of paper, but somehow grating, because in some dark corner paper is already breeding.

02. Every day is an opportunity for a new beginning.
03. Every day is an opportunity to reflect on the past.
06. Every day you make choices.

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