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285 – The money tree

O, money tree, you who live by our front door, in the company of Ozi our elephant, now is the time. Our car needs a rescue bid, and we all could do with a cash flow injection.

Who hasn’t thought, wished, dreamed of having a money tree right by the front door?

Mostly we do have a money tree with us all the time – if you put your wrists together your hands for a tree, with the fingers as branches – the money comes as fruit of your work. Unfortunately, the fruit does not always follow as soon as we’d like. But if you care for the environment that your money tree is growing in – the relationships you build and the way you treat people – I believe the fruits of your labour will follow, even though you might not recognise them at first. Thank you for lending us your van, Marcel.

04. Every day is an opportunity to cultivate the promise of the future.
18. Every day express love. Some people need to hear it. Most people need to see it. Donít take it for granted.
20. Every day say thank you.

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