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296 – Two key ideas

Strangely, today, I found two keys lost in the street within a few minutes of each other. I wondered what this bizarre turn was all about. As I playing with the idea of finding the keys I wondered if I knew two key ideas. Like you, I know plenty of ideas. Some ideas are other people’s ideas – like gravity, tea bags, and the safety pin. Some are my own ideas – like beetroot and peanut butter on toast – and yes, most of my ideas . But are they key ideas? What is a key idea?

I decided a key idea for me is one that is distilled down and essential, a key idea is one that sparks other ideas, a key idea is one that survives the torrents of other ideas and becomes a core concept. Try as I might, I could only come up with one key idea today. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I’m happy with the idea, but, only one? A bit embarrassing really.

So, what was the key idea? Seemingly simple really – everything you do is a self portrait. It’s easy to do when I’m doing well, painful if things are not going well.

All I need now is another idea. But who cares? What’s much more interesting is, what are your two key ideas?

25. Every day your light shines for others to see.
36. Every day be still. Connect to your inner being. Listen and be guided by it.
41. Every day use your mind. It is the greatest technology ever created.

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