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314 – There’s gold in them thar hills!

An original life is unexplored territory. You don’t get there by taking a taxi – you get there by carrying a canoe. — Alan Alda

I still think there’s something better on the horizon. Over the hill. The next page, chapter, book. If what we’re doing is great, could we do it better? If we ask better questions we’ll get better answers. Is this the best use of our time/money/resources/life right now? If this was funny what would we be laughing at now? Does any of this really matter, or would we be doing better for everyone, including ourselves and the generations who follow, if we just packed our bags and went down to a cafe on the waterfront and had a beer. Or two. Or an ice-cream. Or just went for a walk.

The Buddhists want me to chant. The Christians want me to stop. The Satanists want me to start. The Retirement Commission wants me to save. The Commerce Commission wants me to invest. Buy sell swap. Do this. That. Do the hoki-toki, and you turn about. In the end it all just signifies nothing except another expression of one or more of the seven deadly sins, given life and expression by somebody and foisted off on to me. And you expect me to take it seriously? Like it’s memorable or important or valuable or really worth my time?

When I could go for a quiet walk with my wife and we could hold hands in between taking a photo or two? I’m staking a claim on my own golden moments. And I’m walking towards them every day.

42. Every day celebrate. Who you are. What you have achieved. Things that matter to you.
49. Every day is a good day.
50. Every day has an ending.

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