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317 – Keep the faith

It must be coming around to Spring again – the cherry buds are swelling.

They don’t seem to pay much attention to the writhing words of global warming, pollution, recession, depression, recovery, woe is me … cherries just seem to figure it’s getting to be more hours of daylight, let’s get on with it.

Maybe they measure time in different ways – their clocks and calendars are more attuned to how our would’ve been just a few hundred years ago. Unlike us, cherries don’t have a profit motive warped into their every act. They do the best they can with what they’ve got. If we were humans we’d think they had something we aspire to – cherries have got faith in themselves, and faith that Spring will come around again, no matter how hard the Winter.

19. Every day make time for yourself.
20. Every day say thank you.
30. Every day use all your senses. Touch. Smell. Taste. Hear. See.

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