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319 – Morning in the valley

Most mornings, and especially the (frequently) rainy mornings, I take the newspaper up to our elderly neighbour’s place. I leave the paper on the fence so she still has to go out in the rain to get it. I know. Mean. The thing is she’s fiercely independent, and I figure that leaving the paper on the fence is a happy compromise between a friendly helping hand and invading her privacy.

Meanwhile on the way back, back to the car, back to the office, back to the daily grind – I can take a quiet breath or two – a meditation on the moment – sweeping away like a bird in the view of the lights rolling down to the valley floor and up the other side. I love the contrast between the mists and the sharp edges of the immediate foliage. I breath in. I love the fresh air. Some mornings every pure breath feels like you’ve breathed in twice.

01. Every day is a fresh new day.
20. Every day say thank you.
36. Every day be still. Connect to your inner being. Listen and be guided by it.

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