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333 – Malik’s story

Malik dreams of striding across the veldt with a huge herd of African elephants. To trumpet wildly with the sheer joy of freedom. Ears flapping, charging, fending off the cackling hyenas, protecting the elephant calves from lions and other scourges. Reaching out to caress the young, to comfort the aged, to celebrate victories with the strong. To feel a part of the herd, to be valued, to belong. To remember, to remember true, forever — the elephant’s privilege.

Malik longs for the dawn when the cold night air concedes to the first fingers of golden light – the sun rising and the haze beginning to stir. Lizards scuttling among the grass tufts. The ants labouring in lines, the bee-eaters flashing colours and chattering in deep conversation in the thorn bushes. Later in the day the clouds will clot and lightning slashes at the air heaving with pounding rain. Mother Africa.

Malik wants to be more, bigger, better. Malik works in every way to become a superior elephant, not necessarily the herd leader (although that would be welcomed), but a senior and respected member of the extended elephant family. It is not to be. For reasons unknown to Malik, the dream will not, cannot, come true. No-one can bring themselves to tell Malik – some truths are too big to share.

Malik holds the dream. Anything to get through the day.

12. Every day love yourself.
25. Every day your light shines for others to see.
28. Every day you will be tested.

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