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335 – A welcome visitor

I felt sorry for the little birds in our neighbourhood so I got some fat, rendered it down, added sunflower seeds and even sneaked in a little muesli, firmed the resulting mix into a ball, popped the ball into a mesh bag, and hung it up in a shrub outside out kitchen window.

It took a birds a few days to discover the food, and then suddenly we were on the A-list for food supplies. I’m such a sucker for helping out the birds, and I feel so happy when an occasional stranger drops by – in this case a hen Chaffinch. They’re not exactly hugely common here but they’re not exactly every day either. I really like the sultry pink of the male – very oo-la-la – but we didn’t see the male.

We were standing in kitchen admiring the flocks of little birds and basking in the love when to our complete horror a rat bounded along and straight up the shrub. Without the faintest hesitation the rat started scoffing the bird mix, looking around for a moment and then back into it. The atmosphere in the kitchen ranged between shocked horror – (yeek a rat!), fear – (mercy for the little birds – our new friends), outrage – (you greedy barbarian), relief – (thank God it’s outside), suspicion – (can it get inside?), guilt – (did our putting out the food attract this abomination?), accusation – (that rat is definitely from the neighbour’s place – couldn’t *snif* have come from our place), and the killing rage – (I keel you and your family’s family!!). Luckily by the time I’d got a hammer and returned to the scene of the robbery the rat had eaten its fill and had departed.

We all calmed down, and the birds returned.

Update: I put out a few nice blue/green coloured snacks for Mr Rat in an old drain pipe. A few days later the snack had entirely gone, and I do hope Mr Rat is seeking more convivial feeding options elsewhere.

23. Every day retain your personal power. It belongs to you. No one else.
26. Every day take action. Every small step counts.
32. Every day have a laugh.

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