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A Whole New Fresh New Day

Unbelievable! Starting off on another journey. I’m starting the first Fresh New Day post for this season and trying to catch up on the backlog and everything is happening at once all over the place. In many respects the last year has been very difficult – there’s been plenty I’ve chosen to not write about from both private and career perspectives – and there’s been more than a few days where writing has been very difficult.

From my roller-coaster life I absolutely salute anyone who can hold down an intense job and home life and photo/write every day – it’s a big ask. If you are that person, can you at least not be slim, beautiful, have a great personality, rich in every respect, and love orphan kittens? If so I may have to remove you from the gene pool.

My mind is not entirely made up about what next for Fresh New Day – I want to explore some stories in greater depth, and I have a couple of other projects I’m considering as well, some ideally a little more collaborative. Meanwhile I’m set in my routine of making at least one photo a day, and ideally, writing in the same flow.

Some days I wonder if anybody is even faintly interested in what I’ve seen in the day, much less read my thoughts. And then when you least expect it, you trip over someone who talks about your work – likes it even – and suddenly you can go another day. Thank you all for your contacts, contributions, encouragement, and support.

01. Every day is a fresh new day.
20. Every day say thank you.
25. Every day your light shines for others to see.