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What is the rush?

I started back at work a couple of days ago. Cruising down the street at lunchtime I spotted a few words on the pavement. In my hurry and scurry I never gave it a second thought. At lunch today I noticed the words again. This afternoon, heading for the car after work, I walked past again. Then walked back. Enough! Time for a photo. I made a shot. Not good. And then another. Still not good – grrrr! More shots… and then finally an acceptable image. I felt quite frustrated by the process – not my normal approach to creating photos. What was the feeling all about? What was the rush?

Take a breath. Take another. Where are you right now? What are you rushing towards? What are you rushing from? What is the rush?

05. Every day is now. The present moment.
10. Every day connect with somebody.
24. Every day is a journey. Not a destination.

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