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Consider the sparrows

For the second time in as many days I watched sparrows gorging on muffins. In this case I think it was a chocolate chip muffin. You know, those sugary, chocolaty, crumbly, melt-in-your-mouth treasures. No wonder the sparrows prefer fresh muffins over grass seeds and aphids.

It seemed a little strange that the case was left on the pavement almost seeming deliberate in its positioning. Yesterday it was exactly that. A young lady ignored the ‘don’t feed the birds signs’ and carefully left the bottom half of her muffin, still in the case, on the ground for the birds.

Today, a concise story of the earth and its place in the universe was laid out before me.

First there was the brick pavement. It was good.

Then I notice the muffin remains in a round case – a planet of potential in the void of the pavement.

First a sign of life. A sparrow flies past. Inspecting. Approving. Landing. Eating. Communicating.

Another sparrow. More…

Eating. Gorging. Chattering. Fighting. Exploiting the limited resources. Fighting harder for the remaining crumbs.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a gawky tall man, with long hair and a straggly gray beard. Old clothing, sandals and socks. He walked towards the birds, oblivious.

At the last moment the birds took flight to safety.

The muffin case was not so lucky. The man’s foot crushed the case. The remains stuck to the underside of his right sandal and he kept walking. In a blink of an eye there was not so much as a crumb left.

The void of the pavement was complete.

08. Every day choose to bring about change.
28. Every day you will be tested.
8. Every day there are things you can’t change. You can change the way you think about them and deal with them.

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