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A seasoned traveler

When the settlers came to New Zealand in the 1800s they brought possessions, hopes, and dreams. These apples are growing by the Sexton’s Cottage – one of the oldest surviving buildings in Wellington, in the Bolton Street Memorial Park. I like to think this is a tree from a seedling or tree carried out from the UK in those early days, but I suspect it’s probably more modern than that. And what a terrific crop, growing just a few meters of the centre of the city.

While making the shot I wondered about the apple – to me, a food as well as a concept or an idea that resonates in so many ways of ‘home’. I could call up many memories in which apples had a role. Ubiquitous, but anything but common. Humble yet noble, the everyman (or woman) fruit.

If I was travelling to a far-off place what would I take? I decided that like the Victorians, yes, I think I probably would take an apple tree or two with me – for the fruit, the wood, for the love, for home, and for my new home. Across the globe, across the years.

04. Every day is an opportunity to cultivate the promise of the future.
14. Every day the ordinary can be the extraordinary.
30. Every day use all your senses. Touch. Smell. Taste. Hear. See.

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