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100 days

It’s 100 days before the opening of the rugby World Cup. In 100 days this stadium will be transformed into a hive of activity, as teams already in a frenzy of training, arrive and pit their best strategies and strengths into achieving sporting success. Crowds of fans will be moved emotionally from the thrill of anticipation through to the highest highs, or unfortunately for some, the lowest lows. A huge effort, an explosion of energy, a orgasmic burst of fireworks and in 150 days the stadium will return to being mostly deserted again.

Mostly silent.

Meanwhile. There’s you. And me. Sitting. Watching. Reading.

What would you want to transform over the next 100 days? Something incremental – like losing some weight? Growing a beard? Five new words in another language? A new recipe a day? A smile a day? Apply for a new job a day? How would your world be changed?

I do know the answer to that. Substantially.

It’s not that I believe that in 100 days you’ll have a new habit or be able to give up an old habit – it takes much longer than that to bed down from my experience. What I do know from my Fresh New Day experience is that after about 100 days you’ve started to change your world. There’s something about the energy, the commitment you make to yourself that you start to recognise and start to respect. Your self value goes up.

The great thing is, if you keep going for the following 50 days, unlike the stadium, you’ll never return to being mostly deserted again. You will be permanently transformed. Guaranteed. If you like the sound of that, make a choice, make a decision, and make a start. Let me know how you get on. I can’t to hear what you’re up to, and what works out.

01. Every day is a fresh new day.
02. Every day is an opportunity for a new beginning.
04. Every day is an opportunity to cultivate the promise of the future.

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