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Here today, gone tomorrow

I have a friend who lives in a revamped commercial building. Numerous changes have been made to aspects of the building since she started living there. For example, the entrance stairs and hallway have been carpeted.

As I was standing in this hallway today saying good-bye to my friend I could picture the brightly coloured advertisement for a herb and spice company painted on the bare concrete floor that now lay hidden beneath the carpet on the spot where I was standing.

This reminded me of all the things we see and experience every day that are here one moment and then gone the next. Sometimes they momentarily disappear. Other times they are gone forever. Then there are those things that lay hidden between the layers waiting to be revealed at some later time.

17. Every day look through a new lens.
36. Every day be still. Connect to your inner being. Listen and be guided by it.
39. Every day trust that there is a bigger picture. You are a part of it even if you may not know what it is.

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