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Thinking, outside

I’d rather like one dollar for every time I’ve heard someone say, “thinking outside the box” as some sort of catch-all for thinking at all. I believe many people don’t think inside the box, let alone have the potential for thinking outside of any box. It is one of life’s great mysteries how these kinds of expressions arrive and become lodged in the shared vocabulary – my guess is it’s some sort of artefact from an ad campaign.

I like to walk around town because it gives me the opportunity to think – some times it’s the mighty thoughts of heros, other times the tiny thoughts of ants – no matter which, there’s definitely a therapeutic opportunity to be had walking along in a haze of thought. I’ve also noticed that the street vendors/petition signeratti/religious zealots tend to avoid me. I assume this is because they can hear the cogs going around in my head and don’t want to get their fingers caught in the machinery. Wise, very wise.

This evening, on the way to the library, I was very impressed with the creative individual (or individuals) who’ve dropped the traffic cones over the sculpture lights. Simple, effective. I wondered whether this was an example of thinking. Inside, or outside, the square. Either way, I like the result and I’m left wondering if I could adapt this for our garden.

17. Every day look through a new lens.
24. Every day is a journey. Not a destination.
32. Every day have a laugh.

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