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Spring calls

It’s hard to imagine a more quintessential New Zealand image than a tui gathering nectar from a kowhai hightlighted against a bright blue sky. It borders on being a cliché except there is something deeply beautiful about the explosion of golden yellow blossom against the blue. Add in the crazy jazz of the tui’s call and the blessed relief of the sun finally getting some warmth in it – the effect is I can finally believe there aren’t too many days of winter chill left.

I love kowhai – I’d plant them everywhere if I could. I love the dappled shade caused by the lacy foliage, the seed pods, and the yellow seeds. But most of all, I love the spring-ness of them. They flower in early Spring.

My Mum used to talk about the ‘Kowhai Floods’ – as a child the area she lived in was prone to flooding in late Winter / early Spring, as a result of the heavy rains in the short, sharp slopes of the Tararuas. Mum’s observations became part of the tradition for us to plant potatoes after the ‘Kowhai Floods’ – probably after the last frost.

36. Every day be still. Connect to your inner being. Listen and be guided by it.
42. Every day celebrate. Who you are. What you have achieved. Things that matter to you.
49. Every day is a good day.

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