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Flash mobs

I think half the city was involved in the ‘random’, ‘spontaneous’ flash mobbed Samoan haka in downtown Wellington today. I’m unsure whether it was a ‘me-too’ or more of a warning given the recent selection of haka appearing also equally randomly and spontaneously on the web.

I was amused by the fine selection of video gathering hardware phones, ipads – some people even used video cameras – how quaint.

The Rugby World Cup seems to have had rather a small impact on Wellington – apart from providing another excuse for people to get out in the sun and cheer each other on.

Does the scale really matter? An opportunity for people to get together and share some community in a good spirited and happy kind of way is always a good thing, and something that is all too rare. So the people who bravely managed to edge their car through the lunchtime crowds seemed to be having as good a time as the audience as the performers in the chants. I rather like the more informal approaches, where the people on the sidelines are almost impossible to separate from the performers.

10. Every day connect with somebody.
21. Every day seek the support of others. You are not alone.
32. Every day have a laugh.

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