© 2012 Lynsey

Parallel lines

I keep hearing about people reinventing themselves. Grow a ponytail, get a harley. Leave a life partner, quit a job, do almost anything to change the kind of path you’re on.

I’m unsure that anything really changes. To me it seems most people change one kind of slavery for another; without much of a pay-off. It really seems at best people jump off one line to find themselves on the next line (or two) across, and that maybe the only significant change is the momentary breath of fresh air in the new setting. It’s not rejuvenation. Before long, the new ways end up looking a lot like the old ways.

It’s hard to give up old comfortable patterns.

Mostly because it’s easy to grow a ponytail, to get a harley. It’s a lot harder to make inner, deeply personal changes to your heart and mind; to see things in a truly fresh way. True change.

02. Every day is an opportunity for a new beginning.
06. Every day you make choices.
08. Every day choose to bring about change.