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…and this is how…

…and this is how we give up the precious hours of our lives…

This year I have spent some of my precious free time creating with oil sticks – it’s like oil paint in a stick form. If you loved drawing with crayons or pastels as a kid oil sticks are much the same. Except they smell like oil paints, and I love them for this alone. To me nothing says “art alert” like the smell of oil paint. When I smell it – mmm-mmmm I’m in my own little corner of heaven.

I’ve been studying – I’ve completed a paper entitled the Psychology of Grief. I’m really not a stellar student, I’d rather being drawing. Sleeping. Almost anything. School and I reached a mutual understanding some years back, and I remembered how it was when I started studying again. I did complete, but I’m unsure I’ll try for more next year. Did I learn anything? Unbelievably yes. I’m just not that good at writing essays of an academic persuasion.

I’ve been renovating. Previously, we’ve experienced water in our basement. After spending much of summer sequestered in the dark with the spiders, the basement resisted the worst storm (and associated rain) in 40+ years. My delight knows no bounds. None. I’m unclear about the spider’s views on the subject.

I’ve been learning to screen print. And this is how I gave up the precious hours…

04. Every day is an opportunity to cultivate the promise of the future.
08. Every day choose to bring about change.
09. Every day learn something new.

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